Homily ·Easter
By Archbishop Gomez
Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels
April 22, 2020

So as I was saying at the beginning of Mass, the Church during this Easter season would like us to reflect on the plan of God for creation and for each one of us, obviously. And it’s interesting because given the reality of the world these days with the global coronavirus pandemic, sometimes we may be thinking — why is this happening? What is God’s plan in all of this?1

In the passage of the Gospel we heard those beautiful words:

God so loved the world that he gave his only-begotten Son
So that everyone who believes in him might not perish
But might have eternal life.

So, Jesus tells us that God’s plan is to “save the world” and to give each one of us “eternal life.”

I think it is a beautiful message of hope during this challenging time. Just reflecting on how God loves each one of us — God love those who are sick, those who have died. He loves their families and he loves those who are risking their lives to minister to the sick.

We have to reflect on how this beautiful plan of God goes to different times. We see it in the life of Jesus. We just commemorated his passion and death and celebrated his glorious Resurrection. So I think we have to trust in the providence of God.

So that’s, I think, the first message that we can reflect on today from the passage of the Gospel.

But also during this Easter season, especially during at the beginning of the Easter season, we are reflecting on the life and the ministry — the apostolate — of the first disciples, the apostles.

Just going through the first reading of the Mass, through the Acts of the Apostles. And as we see how the apostles received that extraordinary mission of bringing the life and teachings of Jesus to the people of their time. That’s also our mission.

And it is a mission to share with everybody the plan of love that God has for the world and for each one of us.

But it was not easy for the apostles. We just heard they were put “in the public jail.” Then the Angel comes and they are released. They go and the first thing that they do is they go and preach the Gospel as the Angel told them:

Go and take your place in the temple area
and tell the people everything about this life.

So my dear brothers and sisters, this is our mission. Tell the people everything about this beautiful plan of God — for the world, for each one of us. Just the fact that Jesus is there all the time with us and he has this beautiful promise for all of us.

That needs to happen, as we all know, in our daily life. So these days when we have challenging situations, love for us means being patient with one another — with the members of our families. And then showing that love in little things everyday, making life better for everyone around us. Being patient and understanding that this situation is not going to be solved in a few days. Also reaching out to people, just asking how they are doing — making a phone call or sending an email. Whatever it is that we can do in order to communicate with our friends and our families.

So I hope that during these challenging times, we always remember that we have this wonderful opportunity to reflect on God’s plan of salvation for the world and for each one of us. And also, like the apostles, we have to go and share with the people this beautiful plan of God.

So let’s ask Mary our Blessed Mother, Queen of the Angels, to gain for us the protection as we pray in the prayer to Our Lady of Guadalupe, the protection of your holy Angels.

1. Readings: Acts 5:17-26; Jn 3:16-21.

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