By Archbishop Gomez
January 18, 2020

Dear Friends,

It is great to see you here today! We gather once again to celebrate God’s gift of life!  

Our God is a great God, and he is the God of all creation and he is the God of life!

And our God loves us so much! So much that he made each one of us in the womb, so much that he sent his Son to be a child in the womb, to show us how to love, to teach us how to live!

And our God has a great plan of love for everyone, and a beautiful plan of love for our world.

This is the reason we are here, today. We are here to celebrate the God of life, the God of love.

Éste es el motivo por el que estamos aquí hoy. Estamos aquí para celebrar al Dios de la vida, al Dios del amor.

Somos una sola familia; tenemos un Padre en el cielo. Dios nos está llamando a santificar el mundo, a redimir este mundo a través de nuestras obras de amor, a través de nuestros actos de compasión.

We are one family, and we have one mission. God is calling us to sanctify the world, to redeem this world through our works of love, through our deeds of compassion.

We cannot remain indifferent when we see all the suffering and injustice in the world. This is not God’s way, this is not what God wants for his children.

So, God gives us this mission. God is calling us to stand up when we see the dignity of others being violated. He is calling us to oppose and overcome the evils that we see around us.

Our God will not let us rest until every human life is respected, and that begins with the life of the child who wants to be born.

My friends, we cannot forget the great injustice of abortion in our times and in our country. It is wrong that so many little ones should die.

Every human person is formed by God and every person belongs to the human family, even the smallest, even the weakest. That is why the right to life is the first right, it is absolutely essential.

Dios nos está llamando a defender la dignidad de los demás, cuando vemos que no es respetada. Él nos está llamando a oponernos a los males que vemos a nuestro alrededor y a superarlos.

Toda persona humana es creada por Dios y toda persona pertenece a la familia humana, incluso los más pequeños, incluso los más débiles.

Por eso, el derecho a la vida es el primer derecho, por eso es algo absolutamente esencial. Porque si no hay vida, no tenemos nada más. Tenemos que proteger al niño en el seno materno para que pueda llegar a nacer.

So, let us go with God and let us go with Jesus — as one family, serving his mission of love, his mission to bring life.

And let us always remember our mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe! She is the mother of this beautiful family, the mother of all the living and the mother of the God of life!

Have a wonderful celebration and God bless you all!

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