By Archbishop Gomez
Mexico City, Mexico
July 08, 2017

On Pilgrimage1

So we are here today for this beautiful pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe here in Mexico City. And I think there are three beautiful ideas as we present our thanksgiving and our needs to Our Blessed Virgin Mary of Guadalupe. Three beautiful ideas that come to mind from the readings of today’s Mass.

The first one is from the first reading of today’s Mass is that we are celebrating God’s plan for creation. The first reading gives us the story of God’s wisdom and his work in the world in history.

And we need to understand the apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe — at the beginning of the evangelization here in the America continent — as a sign of the realization of God’s plan for creation and for the human person.

Mary set out ... to the hill country.

Then the passage of the Gospel reminds us how Our Blessed Mother went to visit her cousin Elizabeth. As we know well that passage of the Gospel — when Mary gets to where Elizabeth was, St. John the Baptist, who was still unborn at that time, leaped for joy.

So it is a beautiful image that Mary went to visit Elizabeth. For all of us, it’s a call to always look for Jesus. We are also in a pilgrimage, and the goal of the pilgrimage — is to end our life — is to be with God forever.

And I think the apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe reminds us that this is the passage that we are to follow — just like Our Blessed Mother went to visit St. Elizabeth, just as she appeared to St. Juan Diego and asked Juan Diego to be her messenger in this American continent.

You are not longer and slave but a child!

Finally, the second reading of today’s Mass talked to us about how we are children of God. For God, we are very special. He has decided that we are his beloved children — sons and daughters of God.

And that really helps us to understand how special we are — when we really think about the beauty of our relationship with God, then we feel the responsibility of being good children of God and helping other people discover the beauty of God’s love for each one of us.

So, today as we celebrate in this beautiful basilica, in the presence of the tilma for the Lady of Guadalupe, and as we bring her the needs of each one of us personally — our families, our country, and especially the needs of all the immigrants in the United States — that we find the way to open our hearts in our country to all the immigrants and refugees that come looking for a better life.

I’m sure that Our Lady of Guadalupe is going to listen to those prayers and give us the gift of an immigration reform that welcomes our brothers and sisters to come to our country.

Let’s never forget those beautiful words of Our Lady of Guadalupe to St. Juan Diego — and to each one of us:

Am I not your mother?
Are you not under my shadow and my gaze?
Am I not the source of your joy?
Are you not sheltered under my mantle, under the embrace of my arms?

May we always have in our hearts the beautiful reality that Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe, is our mother who is there always for us.

1. Readings: Sir. 24:23-31; Gal. 4:4-7; Luke 1:39-48.

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