By Archbishop Gomez
McArthur Park, Los Angeles
November 23, 2013

My friends,

Archbishop Oscar Romero would be so happy to see all of you here today!

This gathering today is such a beautiful witness to his memory. My friends, this is what Archbishop Romero lived for.

To see the rich and poor, the powerful and the humble — to see people of many races and nations — all standing together as one human family. As brothers and sisters, children of God. Living in freedom, justice and in peace.

This is the vision that Archbishop Romero lived for. The vision of the world as God created it to be. This is the vision that he gave his life for.

So today let us honor his memory by dedicating ourselves once again — to building a better Los Angeles, a better America, and a better world.

In Archbishop Romero’s name, let’s keep working for human life, liberty and dignity. Let’s keep pressing for immigration reform — to keep our families together, to give rights to our workers, and to open the way to make new citizens for this great land of ours.

Finally my friends, in our prayers today let’s remember our Filipino brothers and sisters — and all those who are still suffering in the wake of the typhoon. Let’s keep them in our hearts and be generous to them in their needs. So now let us pray for God’s blessings.

God of life and God of love,
Bless this place that we dedicate
in the name of your servant,
the martyr Monseñor Oscar Romero.
Bless all those who worked to make this day become a reality.
Bless the people of El Salvador and all our families.
May this beautiful plaza be a sanctuary in the heart of our city.
May it be a place of peace.
Where our families can gather and our children can play.
A place where we can all know the warmth of friendship and community.

God our Father and God of mercy,
Make Your love to grow in our hearts.
Make us people of kindness and compassion.
Give us the courage to stand with the poor and to build a city of truth and love.
We ask all this in the name of Jesus Christ.
And we trust in the love of Nuestra Señora de la Paz —
who is His Mother and our Mother, too.

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