By Archbishop Gomez
University of California Los Angeles
August 03, 2019

My dear young friends,

Welcome to City of Saints 2019!

So I am always looking forward to this weekend because it is so important for each one of you and especially for the life of the Church. As Pope Francis has says, ‘you are not the future, but you are the present of the Church.’ So, you are!

But I’m always looking forward also because it helps me to think of my time, believe it or not I was as young as you are at some point in my life — a long time ago. It was a special time in my life when I started thinking, ‘what is the meaning of my life? Where am I going?  What am I doing? What is going to make me happy?’ And also looking for a way to have a relationship with God: “Is God really there? Is he helping me? Is he going to give me the happiness that I would like to have?"

So it was a special time and that is why it is wonderful to be with you this weekend.

Have you seen the new “Lion King” movie? Which one is better — the old one or the new one?

So anyway, I haven’t seen the new one, but there is a little scene in that movie that always impacted me and I wanted to share it with you because I think this weekend is a special moment when you can really know — who you are, what’s going to bring you happiness, and you can have a close, personal relationship with Jesus Christ, with God.

God is our Father, Jesus is our Redeemer, the Holy Spirit’s always close to us — so it’s a wonderful relationship that we can have with God.

And we have a little clip that can help you to think of the movie and of course to think about God.

Look inside yourself, you are more than what you have become. Remember who you are, you are my son, you are my daughter.

That’s what God is telling each one of you this weekend. And with him, we can do everything!

God bless you. Have a wonderful weekend. You are in my prayers and please pray for me!

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