Homily ·Ordinary time
By Archbishop Gomez
Mexico City, Mexico
July 13, 2019

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,1

It is our privilege to be here in this holy place. I know I share with you this feeling of joy as we worship in the presence of this sacred image of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

As we come before the sacred tilma, and as we lift our eyes to gaze into her eyes — we hear the echo of our Lady’s tender words to St. Juan Diego:

Am I not your mother? Are you not under my shadow and my gaze? Am I not the source of your joy? Are you not sheltered underneath my mantle, under the embrace of my arms?2

¿No estoy yo aquí que soy tu Madre? ¿No estás bajo mi sombra? ¿No soy yo tu salud? ¿No estás por ventura en mi regazo? ¿Qué más has menester? No te apene ni te inquiete otra cosa; no te aflija la enfermedad de tu tío, que no morirá ahora de ella: está seguro que ya sanó”.

Mary is our mother.

This is the beautiful truth revealed in her apparition at Tepeyac. She is our mother, the mother of all who find new life in her Son, Jesus Christ.

En el Evangelio escuchamos las impresionantes palabras de Santa Isabel:

“Como es posible que esto me pase a mí, Que la Madre de mi Señor Venga a verme?

Aquí en el Tepeyac, la madre de Jesús esta con nosotros. Del mismo modo que estuvo con Santa Isabel en las colinas de Judea. Y como entonces viene con el Niño Jesús.

Mary comes to us now — and she brings Jesus to us.

At Tepeyac, Mary comes to bring Jesus to us. He is there, in the womb of his Mother. The heart of Jesus Christ — our Lord Redeemer — beats beneath her heart. The same heart that was in the Holy Child at Bethlehem; the same heart that was pierced on the cross at Calvary.

In the presence of our Lady, Elizabeth felt awe and wonder. We need to feel that same sense of wonder. How does it happen that the mother of our Lord should come to us? Truly, it is nothing we deserve, nothing we could ever earn. It is a pure gift of God’s beautiful love for us.

So, we stand before Mary today in love, with our hearts open.

We ask her to be a mother to us, to show us the way to be good sons and good daughters of God. We bring her our joys and sorrows, our anxieties and fears.

We ask her to protect our families, our children, and especially the vulnerable — those who are living on the streets, the child in the womb, the sick and elderly, the refugees fleeing violence and terror.

Hoy le pedimos a Maria de Guadalupe que siga siendo nuestra Madre amorosa y que nos enseñe a ser buenos hijos e hijas de Dios. Y que proteja a nuestras familias y a todos los más necesitados.

St. Paul tells us today in the second reading:

God sent his Son, born of a woman …
so that we might receive adoption. …
God sent the Spirit of his Son into our hearts,
crying out, “Abba, Father!” 

Jesus was born of Mary, so that we might be born as children of God!

This is the truth about who we are, my brothers and sisters. We are God’s children now! We are children of Mary, brothers and sisters of her Son, Jesus.

This is why we feel such joy today. It is the joy of renewing our faith in this truth. It is the joy of remembering that God has poured his Spirit into our hearts, so that we can share in his divine life.

And Jesus calls us now to follow him and to walk with him and spread his love and joy to the ends of the earth.

My dear brothers and sisters, the joy that we feel today — this joy of knowing that we are children of God — this is not something we can keep to ourselves.

Love and joy are meant to be shared! These are gifts from God that he wants us to bring to others.

Jesus nos llama a cada uno de nosotros el dia de hoy una vez mas, para llevar su amor a todo el mundo, asi como Maria Santisima lo llevo con Santa Isabel. Cada uno de nosotros tenemos la misma misión, llevar a Jesus a nuestros hogares, a nuestro trabajo, a nuestras conversaciones, a cada aspecto de nuestra vida ordinaria en la sociedad.

Jesus does not ask us for great gestures or big displays. We bring Jesus into the world by simply being faithful to him — by loving him and serving our brothers and sisters in love.

So brothers and sisters, as we stand today at the feet of the Virgin of Guadalupe, let us consecrate ourselves to her.

Let us say, “All for you, Mary,” as we try to bring the joy of Jesus into everything we do.

Pidamos a Nuestra Madre Santisima de Guadalupe que como interceda por nosotros, que continue siendo nuestra madre y que nos cubra siempre con su manto, para que seamos Buenos hijos e hijas de Dios y como San Juan Diego, mensajeros del mensaje de amor de su Hijo Jesus.

Let us ask her to intercede for us today — to be a mother to us and to keep us in the shadow of her gaze.

May we learn to love her more and more, with a child’s love and with tender affection.

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for us! Be our mother, and bring Jesus to us, so we might bring Jesus to others!

1. Readings: Sir. 24:23-31; Gal. 4:4-7; Luke 1:39-48.

2Nican Mopohua 118-119.

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